Adult Care Home Insurance in Arizona

At Nutu Insurance, we are one of only a small handful of agents who has the knowledge and experience to write your adult care home or senior living facility insurance. We can issue a policy over the phone and will find you the best rates for insurance on your adult care home.

An adult care home  is a residence that typically houses between 2 and 6 people ages 18+. These residents are in need of long-term care and the facility provides 24-hour supervision of all residents. Most adult homes have nursing on staff to provide the residents with many medical needs they may have.

Residents at an adult care homes are given room and board as well as being blessed with the interaction of other residents at the facility. Most homes are run by private organizations, however, some are run by corporate identities who then hire staff to come in and care for the residents 24 hours a day.

When searching for Insurance for Adult Care Homes, there are several things used to determine what your rate will be. Some of those items are:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Number of licensed beds in your Adult Care Home?
  • Have you experienced any losses at your Adult Care Home or senior center?
  • Do you currently have insurance?
  • What is your annual income from the adult care home or senior living facility
  • Does your adult care home or senior living facility have a sprinkler system?

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So, when you’re searching for insurance for your adult care home, call on the experts at Nutu Insurance to find you the best rate and the best coverage for your business. Call a Nutu Insurance agent today at 425-453-8373.

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